Ebooks, Crafts, Activites, & Coloring Pages

designed to entertain and inspire your kiddos during this busy and hectic holiday season.

This sanity saver is only available through December 19!


4 Amazing Ebooks that will have your kids crafting and creating!

Coloring Pages!

5 Coloring Sets!  Print them for your holiday kids table, your drive to grandma’s house, or just as a relaxing way to spend a winter day.  There is a coloring page for all ages!

Crafts and Activities!

21 Craft and Activity Packs.  3D craft templates, holiday activities, family games, and loads more!

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Here is what you’ll get in the Winter Break Bundle

4 Ebooks!

21 Crafts and Activities!

5 Coloring Sets!

Only Available through December 19, 2017!

The kids are home and your to-do list just keeps growing!

We know how it goes.

You have holiday parties, an endless shopping list to get through, and batches of sugar-filled treats to bake. On top of it all, the kids are home for the Holidays. And while that’s great, you need a moment.

Sure, it’s easy to plop them in front of the TV, let them play even more Minecraft, or pretend you can’t hear them complaining, “I’m bored.”

But there has to be a better solution, right?

You could scour Pinterest for the latest craft or find out how to do the newest viral video. The problem with that?

It takes too much TIME.

And your days are already too full.

The Winter Break Bundle is the perfect solution!

We’ve gathered ebooks, crafts, activities, and coloring pages from blogs & shops from around the world.

Now all you have to do is grab the bundle and you can inspire the creativity your child craves (without spending 45 minutes setting everything up!).

  • Create memories with each activity.
  • Let your child create a fun 3D paper gift.
  • Curl up together with a beautiful coloring page and some hot chocolate.
  • Spread out a craft at your holiday party.
  • Provide entertainment for your house full of grandchildren.
  • Grab a handful of printables to make your holiday car rides painless.

Whatever the occasion, from Christmas to New Years and every snowflake in between, we have a crafty activity that will inspire your child.

Our bundle creates memories, without creating more work for you.

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See what other people are saying!

This Winter Break Craft Bundle couldn’t have come to me at a better time. The eBooks are all fantastic full of great ideas for kids of all ages. I don’t know how I’m going to choose just ONE to do with my son’s preschool class next week.

Natalie - Mom of 2

I work at home and when the holiday break starts, my productivity screeches to a halt.  With the Winter Break Bundle, I was able to get through my to-do list and limit my kid’s screen time!

Lucy - Work from home mom of 3

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